Ali Pajooheshgar
Was born in 1977 in Mashhad. He was raised in an art loving family where he began studying the tombak with his father. Later he studied Barbat (Oud) at the conservatory of Tehran under supervision of Master Mansour Nariman, the Father of Iranian Oud. He also studied at the University of Art for his M.A.

Teachers: Farhad Fakhredini, Sharif Lotfi, Hossein Alizade, Kambiz RoshanRavan, Hossein Dehlavi, Mostafa kamal Pourtorab, Mohamad Reza Darvishi,…

Composition teachers: Farhad Fakhredini, Sharif Lotfi and Hossein Alizade.

Ali Pajooheshgar is the leader and composer of Nariman Ensemble and did a lot of concerts inside and outside of Iran.

Ali won the best Barbat solo in the Fajr Music Festival in 1995 and he collaborated with a group of musicians to publish and record the first book of the Iranian repertoire (Radif) for Barbat and also "42 Pieces for Barbat" with Master Nariman. He owns some articles about music too. He has taught at the conservatory of Tehran and University of Music for 7 years.

He is the founder and manager of Nariman Music Institute in Tehran. He has played in National Music Orchestra and Television Orchestra too.

He has recorded and performed with an impressive list of premier musicians. He also played in many festivals in China, United Arab Emirates, Canada, USA, Pakistan, India, Italy, Spain, France and Austria. Currently, he performs in ensembles Mastan and Nariman.

Ali Pajooheshgar tours with Mastan ensemble in America, Canada and Europe, performing in major concert halls. During their 2008 U.S. and Canada tour, the ensemble preformed at some of the most renowned stages, including Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Strathmore in Washington, D.C. and Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, Canada. The 2009 U.S. tour will once again include venues such as Lincoln Center in New York City and of course Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles where in August 2009 they performed the "Moses and Shepherd" operetta with the highly acclaimed composer and conductor Maestro Shahrdad Rohani.

He has also performed at some distinguished concert halls such as Royce Hall, Palace of Fine Art Theater, Cadillac Palace Theater, McFarlin Memorial Auditorium, Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center, York College Performing Arts Center, The Arena at Gwinnett Center and George R. Brown Convention Center.

Activities: cooperating with ensembles Saba, Monazami, Dalahoo, Davoud Azad, Mastan, Nariman …

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