Bita Ghasemi
was born in 1977, in Tehran. She graduated with a degree in music from the University of Tehran , Department of Fine Arts. Her teachers were AliAkbar Shekarchi (kamancheh), and Samimi (Violin).  She has alsodecided to work on the newly evolved version of the Persian fiddle, BassGeychak, which is her assigned instrument in the Simorq project. She hasalso done some recordings with the Bass Geychak.

She has performed in many concerts alongside some of the most eminent masters and ensembles such as Bahar ensemble - with Mrs. Hengameh Akhavan. Other ensembles include Tolu, Khonia , Saye, Rozaneh, Avaye Dust, Tazarv. Her rich recording background encompasses playing Kamancheh in "bigah shod", a cooperation with Rozaneh ensmble and Siamak Aghaei. Bita has worked as a musician and composer on several international music

  • ADMF festivals in Arabian countries with Naseer Shamma
  • festival La musica Dei Cieli in Italy
  • ILLA association in Geneve
  • Teatre Municipal de Banyoles festivals in Spain
  • Planet Aurira festival in France