Album "simorq" will be released in America.

Acoustic album "simorq" by reputable companies Slstyal Harmony (celestial harmonies) to be released in late summer 1392. It is the oldest of the global music business works. The three albums before "Ghyzhk...[mehr]

Aufnahme eines Konzerts vom 2. Oktober 2011 aus Heerlen

Hervorragende Instrumentalistinnen und Instrumentalisten wirken bei diesem Projekt mit. Den Solo-Gesangspart übernahm der mittlerweile kaum weniger als sein legendärer Vater berühmte Homayoun...[mehr]

Simorqs Geschichte aus Shahnameh

Hamid Motebassem vertont Persiens Nationalepos[mehr]

Tehran Emrouz:

In the creation of this piece with such a different atmpsphere, Hamid Motebassem takes his audience to mountains, valleys, jungles, and deserts similar to Simorq’s flight, or brings them face to face with different rhythms and...[mehr]

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Simorq musical collection is matched by no other.Simorq is a depiction of different Human states.Simorq is the description of human’s love for life.[mehr]

Harmony Talk:

From the first chords sang by the choir group and those played by the orchestra, every audience member could notice a novel performance from the creations of Hamid Motebassem.[mehr]

Homayoun Shajarian’s Fans Webpage:

Written by Farahnaz Farhadi A familiar Motebassem with a familiar sound, yet better prepared and wiser.And Homayoun, with his sorrow-filled voice, brings the audience to tears: “That small child was left in place/day and night...[mehr]

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