Hamed Afshari
Born in
Kashan 1977


  • Learning Tombak: Ali Saemi 1988
  • Learning Violin (Persian style): Asadollah Malek 1995
  • Learning basics of harmony : Farhad Harati 1996
  • Graduated in medicine (M.D) from Iran University of Medicine 2002
  • Playing Ghaychak bam since 2005 ( under the guidance of Majid Derakhshani)


Cooperation with several musical bands in recording albums, sound tracks and  performing concerts both in Iran and abroad, such as Khorsid ensemble, Mahtab ensemble, Shanaz ensemble, Chargan quartet… .

  • A member of Khorshid ensemble and performing several concerts in China, France and Iran since 2005
  • A member of Mahtab ensemble as player and composer since 2006
  • A member of Shahnaz ensemble and performing several concerts with Maestro Shajarian  since 2007
  • A member of Chargan quartet since 2007.

Some Albums he has played in:

  • The season of rain
  • Asemane
  • Khorshid ensemble2 (boudano soroudan) all composed by Majid Derakhshani
  • Rendan-e Mast with Mastero Shajarian