Jalal Amirpoorsaeid
was born in 1972 in kerman. He play Tar, Setar, Daf and Clarinet.  
He studied the B.A in Handicraft , M.A in research in traditional arts in Tehran Soore University.
Teachers: Houshang zarif- Bijan kamkar- Hoseyn Dehlavi- Farhaad fakhredini - auob dejakam
jalal was one times nominated for the best clarinet solo in the students festival and he was
ten times participated in the fajr festival. He participated in concerts in Germany- Swiss(buskersbern Festival )- Belgium- Portugal.

Discography: Rooy Dar Aftab, Shiraz film Music, Damavand project,…
Some Activities: cooperating with ensembles: Iranian National orchestra, Tehran symphony orchestra 
, Dehlavi Mezrabi orchestra, Naghmeye Kimiya,  Afarinesh (under leading of Nader Mashayekhi) ,Khonya, Golbang, Eal ensemble, leadership and coordinator of Mahan Percussion ensemble, Iran Radio music expert, Simorq project,…