Choir- Singer (Tenor)

Mazyar Younesi
Born in 1983, Tehran.
He studied piano performance and Setar (as a second instrument) at Tehran Azad University.
He also studied singing and conducting under the supervision of Mr. Vijay Uphadyaya in the Austrian Culture Forum. He furthered his musical studies in composition with the instruction of Dr.Farid Omran and Dr.Kyavash Sahebnasagh. 


 Awards and certifications

  1. Award nominee at Fajr International Festival in 2007, for composition and harmonica performance.
  2. Honored by the DIPLOMATIC LADIES GROUP for the conduction of a charity concert with the Austrian Culture Forum Orchestra and Choir at the Russian Embassy in Tehran.
  3. Honored in the School of Music and Psychology (academia), lead by Professor Omran, as an assistant and leader of choir.
  4. Piano teaching certification with recognition of capability for successfully training kids and adults in piano performance (2008)