Milad Alipour
1987, Bachelor of Music

He was born in an artistic family and began his musical practices under the supervision of his father, Master Faraj Alipour.

Milad studied percussion instruments in order to better understand rhythm and continued to learn the craft of Tombak making with Mahmoud Farahmand.

In 2001, he entered the conservatory and chose Tar as his main instrument. He has worked with masters such as Bahram Sa’ed, Mansour Sinki, Darious Pirniakan, and Mohsen Nafar. From the beginning he has had the honor of being the pupil to Azad Mirzapour, with whom he has played along the most.

In 2010, he received his Bachelor’s degree in music while in the same year, he founded the Faghan ensemble, which earned itself second ranking in the Iranian Orchestral section of the Fajr Music Festival. The ensemble was also chosen as a top group in the Javan Festival.