Pejman Zahedian
was born in 1986 in Tehran.
He was raised in an art loving family, where he became attracted to the Iranian music.
He started learning music by playing the santour and the setar.
After immigrating to The Netherlands in 2000, he met Hamid Motebassem, one of the greatest masters and composers of Persian music. He began to study the Persian repertoire of music (Radif).
The instrument tar became one of his interests, 
and he added the tar to his list of instruments.
In 2005, he won the Mondial Music festival in Maastricht(the Netherlands), by a trio performance. (setar, guiter, and vocal)
He also played in many festivals such as, The Gaude Mater Poland, The Guitar Festival Switzerland, The Glatt & Verkehrt Festival Austria…....

Currently, he performs in ensembles Mezrab and PARDIS.