a legendary supernatural bird in Persian literature

The “Simorq” project is an ambitious initiative designed to acquaint the public with Iran’s historical culture, and to transcend boundaries. Following three years of tireless efforts researching the universe of the epic tale “Shahnameh”, selecting specific poems from it and creating the appropriate musicality, notes and chords to do justice to these poems, we are pleased to announce that the project is in the final stretch. To concretize this final phase, however, a substantial financial contribution is a necessity. The group in its current state needs support. To take one example, traveling from city to city involves heavy expenses for members of the orchestra and project organizers that are a burden for them to incur. Until now, this funding has been generously assumed by them alone. “Symorgh” is a major project that urgently needs sponsors. It is clear that this project will depend entirely on the financial assistance of friends and organizations capable of supporting our cultural endeavour. This project belongs to all of us. We cannot carry such a major project on our own. We are calling on all individuals and organizations interested in this cultural heritage to support us financially.  To thank you for your generosity, “Simorq” will display the names of its donors and sponsors on its public list of sponsors, to honour their contribution.


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