Ramin Azimian
was born in 1976 in Ahwas Iran. His Father whom played the violin thought him the fundaments of playing the violin at the age of 5 years.In the year of 1985 he immigrated to Germany.Later on he became a member of the ensemble Saba, whichwas founded by his Father Ali Azimian and Behzad Roushanpoor.In that ensemble he got the chance to play the Tar and felt inlove with it immediately and took a few lessons by MajidDerachshani.

In the year of 1995 he went to the U.S to study computerscience and graduated in year 2001.Afterwards he returned to Germany and started takinglessons at a higher level by Composer, Tar and Setar virtuesHamid Motebassem, by whom he has been studding therepertoire of traditional Persian music “radif “ and Composition.For the last few years he has been involved in three Ensemblesnamed, Mezrab and Pardis which are founded ByHamid Motebassem, where he playes the Tar and Bamtar.