Reza Abaee
was born in 1971 in Tehran. He was raised in a musical family and studied at the conservatory of Tehran for the Persian Kamanche (spikedfiddle).
Teachers: Davoud Gandjeie, Ardeshir Kamka,Saeed Farajpouri

Composition teachers: Dr. Hassan Riyahi, Farhad Farkhredini, Shahin Farhat, Dr Mohammad Sarir.He is a member of "Payvar" and "Aref" ensembles.

Reza Abaee is the leader and Composer of the Rumi Ensemble and the composer of Avizhe Ensemble.Abaee did a lot of concerts inside and outside of Iran and he is the winner of The Golden Sun in Mehr festival for one of his Albums.

In 2009 he cooperated as a guest musician with the recording of  "In the Name of the Red Rose" a work of Hamid Motebassem and Jostojou (search) of Mamak Khadem.