Sahar Sakhaei
was born in 1986, Tehran.
Sahar has always had a strong liking for literature and music. She initiated her musical training with the piano in 1998, but it was her passion for traditional Iranian music which opened new horizons for her.
She then continued her musical training by learning Tar and started taking her very first steps as a professional musician.  Since then, she has dedicated most of her time to working with numerous well-known masters such as Behrouz Hemmati, Hooshang Zarif, Mohhamad Reza Lotfi, Amir Eslami, Pooyan Biglar, Mohamad reza Darvishi, and Arshad tahmasebi. Sahar holds a B.A in Persian Literature from Allame Tabatabaii University in  Tehran. Through her education she has pursued her interest in theoretical aspects of art by writing and publishing articles on philosophy of art and contemporary music.

She has performed in numerous concerts both in and out of Iran and has worked with Noora ensemble and nava ensemble. She has cooperated in a number of different recordings:

  • KHANEE GHARIB sung by Vahid Taaj
  • SOROODE SOOG with Alireza Shah Mohammadie cooperation.